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Meet Our Executive Team!
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Trey B. Collier
chief executive officer
Trey does more than just run EVLV, he also manages our Marketing division and ensures that all campaigns run smoothly.
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Harry O. Spain
chief financial officer
Aside from managing just the finances at EVLV, Harry is our lead strategist who helps build our most powerful client campaigns.
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Samuel A. Fairbrass
chief technology officer
Be it building an app or designing a site, Sam and his Dev Team can do it, and more importantly, can make it look fantastic.

Our Mission

To provide the knowledge, experience and strategy to give you the environment required to significantly grow and build your business. This allows you to prioritise other things and focus on what you love while your business still grows. This frees up more of your time, preventing you from getting distracted and bogged down in marketing, menial tasks and development.

Our Story

We are a London based digital marketing agency. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions tailored to your needs, and to build upon a long-term relationship as strategic partners. At EVLV, we are dynamic, creative and innovative when it comes to building a solid marketing strategy that will transform your online presence and increase your brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.
On a hot August day in 2018, EVLV had transformed into a real business offering a fresh perspective from just an idea between three highly ambitious and talented friends. We realised that not only could we put our skills together to benefit ourselves, but also other people. Since then we have taken off and expanded. Our secret: we prioritse client interaction. That means we put you first and really listen to what you want so we can offer a real and great solution, to act as the bridge between your goal and your current situation.
We offer two primary services: Social media management with marketing and web development. These services give us the avenues required to optimise conversions and seriously snowball growth, without any frustration for you.


Our team is knowledgeable in the world of digital marketing, passionate about what they do and take pride in helping businesses to EVOLVE. We like to challenge our clients by asking questions to give us more insight into your current situation and where you would like to be. This is something we strongly believe in doing before beginning any work together as it will help us to deliver the best results and ROI possible to your business.
We want to take your sales and growth to where you want to be. And we can do that.

"Our secret: we prioritse client interaction."
Still Not Convinced?
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