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The Best Type of Facebook Ad for E-Commerce Businesses

Written By Trey Collier

The Best Type of Facebook Ad for E-Commerce Businesses

Ever wondered what Facebook ad type is best for e-commerce businesses? Then this article is for you.

The carousel ad type has proven to be the best type of Facebook ad for businesses in the e-commerce space. For those unsure regarding the format of a carousel ad, it is structured in a way that allows you to display multiple images of videos, allowing you to show more of your products to those you reach.

With this kind of ad, you can add a call to action (CTA) and headline to each image/video, and when users see this ad on Facebook, they can engage with the ad and scroll through.

Carousel Ads

Below, we have decided to talk about some of the biggest advantages for e-commerce businesses using carousel ads.

Display Multiple Products

Not everyone is looking for the same thing, the diversity of this type of ad betters your odd at showing one of your products to someone that is interested in what you are selling. By advertising simply the one product, you are relying on the people that see this ad to have a desire to purchase, which is not the case for everyone that comes across it.

By advertising more products, the chances of someone clicking your ad are higher.

Link Directly

With each ad having its own CTA, you make the person's ability to view the product and purchase it far easier. By linking each product to the corresponding page, you are reducing the number of steps required to turn that lead into a customer.

Customers can go there directly and make a purchase. Instead of being sent to the home page on your website, then having to search your site to find the product. If you are a store with a vast range of products, they may simply give up.

Square Photos

The easier an ad is to see, the more noticeable it is and therefore the more likely someone is to take action. The simple but great thing about carousel ads is the fact that they are square, meaning they take up more space vertically in people’s newsfeed. A subtle, but an effective trait.

Interactivity Leads To Engagement

We humans like interaction, things that are interactive are more interesting to us. With carousel ads, users can scroll between your products, this added engagement will draw in the persons attention, leading them to take a better look.

Favourable Products

Facebook’s algorithm is extremely smart and efficient when it comes to targeting people and displaying favourable ads. This is also true for the products you include in the ad. After some time, Facebook will learn which product is working best within the ad, and automatically put this one at the front of the ad, improving the chances for someone to stop and take a look.

Preventing Ad Fatigue

Running a simple single image ad can run into the problem of ad fatigue, by which the given ad has potentially been shown to the same people multiple times and they have become blind to it. Increasing the number of images/videos in your add really helps with ad fatigue, this allows you to run the same ad to the same audience for much longer.

Most e-commerce businesses advertising on Facebook today are still using the plain old one image ad for their products in saturated markets.

From our own experience with clients, we have found that carousel ads outperform single-image ads almost every time.