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Customers are not as willing as you think to leave a review for your business. Here’s what you can do

Written By Samuel Fairbrass

Customers are not as willing as you think to leave a review for your business. Here’s what you can do

According to a new survey conducted by Visual Objects with over 400 participants, only 26% are ‘likely to review a company on a third party site’. In a world full of competition, reviews have never been more important. Reviews are a form of social proof - a concept which dictates that people are more likely to perform an action if other people have also done it. Not only does a higher amount of reviews indicate a higher level of trustworthiness, it also means more future reviews, more purchases, and increased traffic as a higher number of potential customers will check your business out.

So how can you get more reviews at a time when not a great deal of customers want to leave one?


One fantastic way to increase the amount of reviews that you get is to make your reviews count. Reward your customers for leaving their thoughts by offering discount codes, entering them into giveaways or by shouting them out. By providing something of real value to your customers there is an increased likelihood that they will leave a review in exchange for their time.

Make it Easier

Try to make it as easy as possible to leave a review. Jumping through hoops only complicates the process and for every step fewer people will get to the review stage and actually leave a review. One way to make it easier is to integrate your review system into your store - a common place is on the actual product page. One such review plugin is called ‘Yotpo’. Having an integrated review system on your product page allows direct social proof on a product. Rather than it being on a different website, it will also provide the benefit of a greater number of customers seeing the review.

Listen to the Bad Reviews

Despite how ugly a one-star review looks, it is actually great for your business. Someone has provided you with feedback for free on what you can do to improve your product or service. Do not ignore it, if possible, take action and try to turn that dissatisfied customer into a happy and smiling one. That customer may have just verbalised something that 1000 customers were thinking but has never crossed your mind - take advantage of it and make sure to fix it. Take the criticism, improve and make more happy customers who also leave great reviews!