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3 Things You MUST DO To Scale Your eCom Business

Written By Samuel Fairbrass

3 Things You MUST DO To Scale Your eCom Business

Running an online store is not easy and neither is scaling it. We’ve gathered the top things you need to consider before you start to expand to make it both easier and more successful for you.

1. Having a Working and Attractive Website

Before starting to scale you need to know that your site is free of any errors which potentially could have a significant impact on your sales. If you are certain your site is free of any you need to make sure it is attractive to your target audience and does not push customers away.

An attractive website triggers the correct psychological response from your target market. Use specific colours and design to elicit a desired emotion from your audience. As colours directly give us psychological and emotional reactions, it’s no surprise that a large number of companies use blue, used to represent loyalty and stability, in their logos and design. Think Facebook, PayPal, Visa, Deutsche Bank, American Express and Samsung just to name a few. The psychological response from your attractive site could quite literally make or break a sale.

For more tips on what you need to fix in your site, make sure to read 4 Silly Mistakes eCommerce Sites Need To Fix Today.

2. Investment in High-Quality Marketing

You could design the best invention in the world, but if you never told anyone about it nobody would know it existed, let alone buy it. The simple concept that when there are more people that know about your product there are more people who will be interested in buying it is paramount to your expansion.

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Don’t forget to retarget your previous clients with similar products to theirs purchased to retain them and increase, or at a minimum maintain, your value to them. Ensure that your new audience and potential customers only see high-quality advertisements which represent your business and transport them to your site. Even if they don’t purchase anything on their first visit, if the impression you left was good enough, they will be back. Let them remember your attractive qualities - for example, make them aware of your stance on being environmentally friendly, or your high number of 5 Star Review

Marketing is arguably the most important thing to consider when scaling up your business. For more information on how to do this properly and what not to forget, arrange a free online appointment with us.

3. Continue To Improve Your Customer Service

As the number of your sales increases, so does your workload, and unfortunately so does a higher number of customers means a higher number of customers who will require customer support. Sometimes a higher level of automation is required to maintain the quality of the fulfilling the ordering processes however you do not want to lose the personal touch gained by helping your customers in need.

If a customer is greeted with poor customer service or automated customer service they feel as if they are not being listened to. This only frustrates an already angry customer further, and they will probably not return to you again and may even leave a negative review. On the contrary, leave a good impression and they will trust your services and continue to come back to you knowing you care about them and will resolve future issues. Some automation is fine and even necessary for common issues that are easily solved but be sure to maintain the personal bond with your client base. Chatbots are perfect for these simpler issues.

If you need help in any of the discussed areas, please get in touch with us here at EVLV.

Good luck!